The History of the famous iOS operating system

The History of the famous iOS operating system

The iPhone is one of the most famous smartphones in this planet. iPhone is manufactured by Apple Inc and the first generation was released on June 29, 2007. As of today, the most recent model is the iPhone 7, which was unveiled in a special event during September of 2016. iPhone runs on the iOS operating system and is arguably one of the most secure operating systems, ever in existence. The iOS operating system was developed by Apple Inc, specifically for its range of hardware, which includes iPhones, iPads, Mac range of products and more recently the iWatch.

The History of iOS

Steve Jobs, the late CEO of Apple Inc, got the idea of creating a range of smartphones. He had decided on the name iPhone, but he was confused on how to actually do it. He had to take either of two options, one, to squeeze the Mac, which would become a terrible feat of engineering if successful, or he could enlarge the iPod. Confused between the two, he arranged an internal competition between his lead developers, Scott Forstall and Tony Fadell, who were the heads of the Mac and the iPod teams respectively. The winner of the competition was Tony Fadell who created the first version of the iPhone OS, which was later christened the name iOS. The successful creation of the iOS, led to the start of the manufacturing of iPhones and other pieces of hardware which would be operated by iOS. Not only did Tony Fadell make the IOS operating system, he went to develop the development kit for iOS and the App Store and iTunes as well.

The iOS was unveiled on June, 2007 and this was the start of a new generation of smart phone operating system, which played a major role in shaping the world of technology as we know today.

Features of iOS


Although a lot of features were missing in the first version of the operating system, a number of features is available in iOS 10, which is the latest release from the company. Not only does these features keep us safe and secure, they help in making our life easier in a variety of ways. Below is a list of the most notable features available in iOS 10-

  • Home screen- Upon unboxing the iPhone, every user is greeted by a colorful home screen, which is the home to multiple applications that come pre-installed with the iPhone.
  • System Font- The first version of the iOS came with the Helvetica font, but now in the latest version, Helvetica Neue has been introduced.
  • Accessibility The iOS operating system is famous for its accessibility features which are helpful for those with partial or complete vision and hearing disabilities.


The iOS operating system with a multitude of features is a luxury for many, while it is a bare necessity for some. Being so secure, may sometimes lead to a number of problems including the famous iCloud lock and that is where the doulci activator comes to help. More about the doulci activator is available in the subsequent articles.


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