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How to Prepare for IELTS

It is an excellent idea to learn from the mistakes of other people who already have appeared in IELTS exam rather than paying fee and judge the difficulty of IELTS Exam. Usually people practice a lot those modules in which they are good at whilepreparing for IELTS exam. Instead of practicing modules in which you feel comfortable yourself, you have to focus those models where you lack. And you must prepare all the modules and work harder in week areas so that, you will be able to cope up your lacking and improve the score in final IELTS Grammar. To simplify IELTS preparation Course here I present some important points which could surely lead you to desired results for study abroad and skilled worker Class.

Practice & Review:

For listening and reading test you should practice regularly with the review. For example, listen complete recording of IELTS listening  for all four sections then after check your answers  and then those answers are incorrect you must listen those questions again to know the reasons of your mistakes. After your efforts there would be few questions left to get the reasons of incorrect answers. For the purpose, you need to ask your trainer to help you out in this and help you in understanding the reasons of questions which you could not attempt even after several is clear that you have review yourself and with the Teacher of course. Same as with the reading but in reading time limitations and pressure disturb the candidates a lot. There are certain problems faced by many candidates in the world for IELTS Reading. Such as, vocabulary – The more words you understand the better your skimming and scanning will be to obtain higher score in IELTS Course.

In the reading test you must review yourself after checking your answers and then review the reasons of mistakes because in listening tips and tricks varies type to type. Let`s say , in List of Heading questions you have to focus first two  and last two lines of every paragraph to get the idea about the right heading. And in true false questions you have to underline the key words of the questions and scan the passage with the same word or synonym to get the right answers but most of the people confused in false and not given questions and etc… so you have to sit with the trainer individually after your reading test and discuss each questions for more clarity and better understanding; a better review of reading and listening test can increase the no of right answers.

Time Management

Time is one of the important factors in IELTS preparation. Some candidates make maximum right answers in reading and listening test but not in the predefined time. As a result, your scores are not up to the mark. In reading test you should assign yourself 20 minutes for each passage so that you complete your test of 40 questions in 60 minutes with answers sheet because in reading test you are not given extra 10 minutes to copy your answers as it is given in listening test. Similarly, in writing tasks you have to present quality stuff with in the predefined timings which is difficult but not impossible. Usually, those candidates take much time in writing who are not having good ideas and information about topics. For the purpose, you should read daily 4 to 5 essays of band 8 and band 9. Definitely, it will reflect your own writing tasks.

Target the Exam Date

Once you decided to start IELTS Preparation so right after 2 weeks of your preparatory classes you should decide the IELTS examdate. once you book the exam date so you will be dedicated to practice regularly and involve in learning tips and tricks of the IELTS and keep practicing until the exam date comes so you will feel like a routine day in the examination hall .in this way, your chances to obtain desired results are higher.

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Clergy Coaching

Clergy coaching is an executive Coaching offered to the church leaders or clergy or pastors. The Church leaders face lot of challenges both from their own self and from the church ministry. The job of the church leaders has no accountability. This is a big challenge for the church ministry as the lazy pastors’ work less and the workaholic pastors work more than it is needed.

The pastors go through lot of conflicts, criticism, family problems due to the family or spouse who are his church members, stress, depression, financial problems and time management problems. All these are taken in account while preparing the course for the Clergy Coaching program.

Clergy Coaching

There is a huge rumor that clergy makes huge amount of money which some clergymen does but majority struggle due to monetary problem. To remove this disparity Clergy coaching is important. The focus is to improve the quality of the clergy who will focus more on the how to contribute and serve both inside and outside the Church. Church should be place free from all negatives like conflicts and criticism. It depends fully on the clergymen.

The clergy coaching program should focus on making the pastors as the heroes of the church ministry by removing all doubts from their mind so that they become the example of the Church ministry and also for the society.

Vision of the Clergy:

Vision of the clergy coaching is to provide a coaching program which aims at helping the clergy to experience the joy transformative leadership.

Values for Clergy Coaching

  • It believes that God is already working through the pastors what the coachers serve.
  • The coachers believe that nothing is greater than preparing professional pastors who will treat others with love and trust unconditionally.
  • The Coaching program is built is such a way which will make the pastors feel that they are much more than the advices given to them.
  • The coaching program is a successful one when each and every clergymen will believe , listen and support the coaches and will bring the best in them and as well as in the teachers.
  • As coachers it is their duty to help the pastors think creatively, to develop their own solutions to each and every challenges of life, to exert themselves for each and every church member, to take responsibility for the choices they made to become a pastor and to fulfill the dream for themselves, for the church ministry and for the coaches.

Goals for Clergy Coaching

Clergy Coaching

  • The Clergy coaching program will help to clarify the mission and calling for the clergy.
  • To help to identify the core value of the clergy
  • It will also help the pastors to identify proper resources who will help them in time of need to fulfill any mission.
  • The coaching program will activate the clergy so that they can take up the leadership quality.
  • The Clergy coaching is designed in such a way that it will greatly help the pastor to understand the gap between themselves and God.
  • The goal of the coaching is to help the clergy to understand what they can do, want to do and what they will do in order to shorten the gap and satisfy the ministry.